November 12, 2010

Woices for Android 1.2

Woices for Android updates to 1.2 with nice features:

Downloads: As in the iPhone version, now you can download and store Sponsored Guides in your Android and view them without an Internet connection. The guides can be downloaded in any of it's available languages, and them will appear in the new Downloads section. This is great for travels and tourism, because you can download content before your trip and save in mobile's roaming fees.

Background play with notification: An user-requested feature. When the audio is playing, an icon will appear in the status bar, and you can do whatever other tasks without audio interruption. Just like default music player.

New UI: We always try to improve the user experience in every version. With this one, we introduce established Android UI patterns like "Action bar" icons and search history, new high resolution images... among others, i.e. you can see the differences in this two images of the explorer:

old UI

New UI

We also want to mention the chinese (thanks to GoAPK) and catalan (thanks to @daemonium) languages support.

We hope you enjoy it, meanwhile we're working in next version.

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